Detail Engineering Services

Speedy and efficient detailed engineering is vital for having a control on the cost of the project. Detailed Engineering linksthe basic engineering andconstruction phase of a project. Hyasun expertise in 3-D engineering ensures timely completion of detailed engineering with high level of accuracy.

Process Engineering

  • Process Flow Diagrams, Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (IFC)
  • Equipment Index, Process Datasheets (IFC)
  • Piping Specifications & Line Index (IFC)
  • Process Automation Data Sheets (IFC)
  • Safety

Piping and Plant Design Engineering

  • Plot Plans, Equipment Layout, Piping Layout (IFC)
  • Underground Piping Layouts, Tie-ins and Blinds (IFC)
  • Piping Stress Analysis and Support Engineering (IFC)
  • Isometrics and BOQ (IFC)
  • Tender Specifications and MIS

Mechanical Engineering

  • Specifications for Static, Rotating and Package Equipment (IFC)
  • Technical Bid analysis, Vendor drawing review and Evaluations (IFC)
  • Mechanical Data Sheets & Drawing Development (IFC)
  • Modification / Re-Rating of Equipment
  • Code Compliance / Review

Civil Engineering

  • Civil and Structural Drawings (IFC)
  • Building and Equipment Foundations (IFC)
  • Road Layouts and Paving Design (IFC)
  • Drainage Plans and Structures (IFC)
  • Design and Analysis (IFC)

Instrumentation Engineering

  • Specifications for Field Instruments, Analysers, DCS, PLC (IFC)
  • Process interlocks (IFC)
  • Instrument Location Plans and Cable Tray routing (IFC)
  • Cable Schedule, Instrument Index (IFC)
  • Vendor Drawing Reviews (IFC)

Electrical Engineering

  • Design of Power Control Centres & Motor Control Centre (IFC)
  • Single-Line Diagram & Load Schedule (IFC)
  • Electrical Cable Schedule and Tray Layout (IFC)
  • Earthing Networks (IFC)
  • Power Evacuation Systems (IFC)